CertificateLeadership Development Workshop Series


The number one reason new managers and leaders fail is that they did not receive training to help them understand the complexity of their new role.

Program Facilitator

Patricia Castelli


Professor of Business







"These sessions really inspired me. I truly enjoyed the leadership topics covered and the session materials were excellent, I can use them in my organization as well as my personal life."


"I really enjoyed Dr. Castelli's professionalism, knowledge, positive feedback and leadership business smarts. She is exceptional!"

Developing critical leadership skills can make the difference between success and failure in the workplace. This leadership development workshop series leading to a certificate in leadership will teach new, recently promoted and experienced managers the skills needed to perform effectively and successfully as leaders.

Participant Benefits

  • Expert Leadership Training and Coaching
  • 利记sbo Leadership Certificate
  • Small Class sizes - 20 student max
  • 1.5 CEU Credits or 15 SCECH CEU Credits
Spring 2025

Thursdays, 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

  • January 23
  • January 30
  • February 6
  • February 13
  • February 20


Self-Awareness, Reflection, Global Leadership, and Valuing Diversity

Session Outcomes:

  • Introductions and overview
  • Contrast leadership and management
  • Identify the skills and competencies associated with effective leadership
  • Understand how self-awareness and reflection develop leadership skills
  • Global leadership and leading in today's global work environment
  • Valuing diversity

Values, Ethics, Credibility, and Effective Communications

Session Outcomes:

  • Recognize how values and cultural differences shape perceptions and judgments
  • Honor the differences in others’ fundamental values and beliefs
  • Create and sustain an ethical work climate
  • Build credibility skills and trusting relationships
  • Enhance communication and active listening skills
  • Apply assertiveness skills
  • Learn effective delegation skills
  • Share outcomes of leadership development planning exercises and discuss key findings with class

Leading Groups & Teams, Managing Conflict, and Motivation

Session Outcomes:

  • Compare and contrast effective and ineffective teams
  • Learn how to lead teams and groups for successful outcomes
  • Understand conflict and strategies for managing conflict
  • Demonstrate effective meeting management skills
  • Understand the importance of motivation and ways to promote performance
  • Apply motivation practices to improve employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Share outcomes of leadership development planning exercises and discuss key findings with class

Attitude, Stress & Change, and Emotional Intelligence

Session Outcomes:

  • Assess individual attitudes, negativity patterns and self-defeating behaviors
  • Understand how change triggers stress and negativity in work-related situations
  • Identify the symptoms and sources of stress
  • Learn effective stress management techniques
  • Define emotional intelligence (EI) and the benefits of developing EI
  • Assess current emotional intelligence skills
  • Apply EI principles to better manage emotions and optimize performance
  • Share outcomes of leadership development planning exercises and discuss key findings with class

Learning from the Dark Side of Leadership, and Diagnosing & Addressing Performance Issues

Session Outcomes:

  • Understand the differences between destructive leadership, managerial incompetence and management derailment
  • Recognize dark-side personality traits and learn how to overcome them
  • Learn how to diagnose and address employee performance issues
  • Share outcomes of leadership development planning exercises and discuss key findings with class
  • Conduct leadership workshop series wrap-up and complete course evaluation